Icarace is a great and innovative experience for VR (vive) enthusiasts who also want to work out. Like all projects I developed with ICAROS, Icarace is recommended to be played with the ICAROS device.

You can race against other players worldwide and work out, while enjoying the view.

This project was especially hard for me, because it was my first job as an technical artist. It tested my skills and patience to learn new things. I never created such large terrains, baked lightmaps, wrote shader, or worked with a lots of Unitys build in tools like occlusion culling. But this project forced me to learn everything in like 6 months, without help. It was exhausting but fun at the same time.

Keeping an eye out for the performance was very challenging in a fun way, because of the difficulties with VR. You just can't drop those 90fps. You'll start very quickly to sneak in some tricks to keep it that way. A very rewarding project indeed.

Beta since: 01.2018


Another VR project with ICAROS but with a different approach. Falling instead of flying.

It's a simple Gear VR application focused on dodging obstacles. You'll fall from space to earth and learn how to control your body, or die trying (in the game of course).

In this project I had my first contact with the UI system and taking little steps into the technical artist direction. I was still doing some 3D work but also was evolving into a "bridge" between the other artist and the programmer. Even as a small team, there was always someone needed  who "spoke both languages". I helped implementing the art into the game and consulted with the main artist on how he can improve his art for performance reasons. On the other hand I was a consulting help for the programmer, so he won't stumble that often over his own "feet" (figuratively).

There is no shame in keeping an eye out of all the features and how they work, so you can tell the programmer what might interfer with another logic. He'll be thankfull, mostly.

Release: 04.2017


My first professional work as an game artist (intern) at ICAROS. A VR experience under water in which you can explore caves, learn about some animals, race against them or protect the animals against a submarine.

In this project I designed the level, built the terrain, sculpted all the stones, textured and placed all the assets, animated all animals/submarines and so on. It was a challenge I hoped for.

Release: 01.2017

Global Game Jams


In this year i was part of a bigger team and decided to challenge myself to create an 3D animated character  in less then 36 hours. With my newly learned skill I had still the problem of not knowing much about Unity import.

With a little bit of advice here and there from Robin (Klonk games) it worked well.

Thanks to the team we actually finished in time, what we anticipated.


On a friday night two dudes are sitting on a couch. They hav no dates and are extremely motviated... not to move. "So what do we do now?" asks one of them. "I dont know" replies the other one "Watch TV I guess, but I can't reach the remote". And so they try to reach it with... random stuff.

Digital and non digital card/boardgame.

Role: Game Designer

In that year I was still in training, so i decided to go as a game designer. I couldn't particpate actively in the development but it was fun writing that game, doing all the organisation parts and of course writing the GDD.