About me

Who am I?

"My name is Nikolaj Schöppler and if I had the chance to describe myself I would pick these words: charismatic, focused, enthusiastic, emotional invested and of course a strong team player.

I've always been someone who created his own worlds. Even with wooden toy blocks as a child or later on paper, I always wanted to create great worlds that are functional and fun to explore. My interests haven't changed since then, I still play games with great level designs like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, the Witcher and so on (mostly RPGs)."

What's your role in the industry?

"I'm an professional Game Artist and since over two years now with a focus on technical and environment art. I work a lot with VR expiriences at work, but do also non VR projects in my free time." 

Did you go to a game art school?

"Yes, it gave me a little chance going in the industry. Working as a 3D Artist for architecture helped improving my skills and then I was offered a job for VR games. From that point on I learned what I could, challenged myself everyday. More and more it became clearer what the company needed.

A technical artist.

So I learned in that direction by myself with reading books, blogs and watching tutorials."

What is Spark3dvision?

"Spark3dvision is how my creativity works. If I get a small idea of a vision, I immediately start to form the world around it. Thats why I like level design and environment so much. Also it helps me find the solution that fits best for the project."